The Impact of Tiger Woods on Golf

Tiger Woods smiling

Tiger Woods changed golf in many different ways. Everybody knows the name Tiger Woods – fans and non-fans of golf alike. Woods rose to prominence during the late 90s and left a mark on the sport that will never be forgotten. The way Tiger Woods changed the game is evident every time … Read more

Tips for Choosing Food to Eat on the Golf Course

Having tea

We all know that food is fuel. Whatever we take in determines how well we perform physically and mentally. When you’re playing golf, what you eat before and during the game will either hold you back or boost your performance. Serious athletes and pro golfers take their diet as seriously as their … Read more

What Types of Cheese Are Popular in Scotland?


Scotland produces some of the world’s best cheese products, courtesy of its geography and climate.  The type of season in Scotland is suitable for how cheese is prepared and stored through the winter. This is the reason why a hard kind of cheese is common in Scotland. In the past, local cheesemakers … Read more

Best Jewelry To Wear On The Golf Course

Modern Day Jewelry

It is probably your first day at the golf course and you want to appear in style but not overdo it. Or perhaps you are a natural fashionista who is not willing to let the simple and dull golf costume put a damper on your fashion sense. So, what golf jewelry should … Read more

The Best Type of Grass for Playing Golf

A photo of a golf ball on the golf course

Did you know that golf course designers can decrease or increase the difficulty of a course by simply deciding what height or how often the grass should be cut? Yes. That is why the grasses in golf courses are as important as the tools the golfers used in playing the game. Nevertheless, … Read more