Protecting the Ankles and Feet on the Golf Course

a woman hitting the golf ball

Golf is one of the most beloved sports and requires skill, endurance, and protection for the body. It is a great way to stay physically active and have fun with friends or colleagues.  However, it also poses a risk of injuries that can be disruptive to your game. While you are out … Read more

A Players Badge and its Importance

Jack Nicklaus is a legendary golfer with an undisputed world record of 18 golf major championship awards

Golfers, like participants in other sports, adhere to non-negotiables on the playing field. You must observe tight restrictions that the golf world adopts, regardless of your status or track record in competitions. The golfers’ badge is one of them. Players in a tournament use their badges as entry passes. This enables golf … Read more

Whoop Straps and its Importance to Golfers

The Whoop strap is a regular-looking band that can analyze your body's wellness

What is a Whoop strap? Whoop strap is a health-monitoring band that many tour players wear generally on their wrist or upper arm. It works differently from other wearable devices and focuses more on an analysis of what’s going on with golfers’ and other athletes’ health. Amazingly, this normal-looking device provides a … Read more

Tips for Wearing a Belt While Playing Golf

a golfer in a proper attire

Golf is historically among the most popular sports that have been played by royalty, ladies and gentlemen alike. Through the years, the popularity of the game has grown, and it is now being played by everyone, no matter the social status. But there are still some of the formalities that are being … Read more

Best Jewelry To Wear On The Golf Course

Modern Day Jewelry

It is probably your first day at the golf course and you want to appear in style but not overdo it. Or perhaps you are a natural fashionista who is not willing to let the simple and dull golf costume put a damper on your fashion sense. So, what golf jewelry should … Read more